LY Tribe - Association is meant for you who has completed a Living Yolates Teacher Training.

It is made with a desire to keep a high standard within the Living Yolates system and to keep all Living Yolates teachers inspired and up-to-date in their sharing. If you wish to teach Living Yolates after finishing the teacher training and passing the exam, you need to be a member of the Association. This will help you maintain a high and contemporary standard within the Living Yolates lifestyle and the silver lining within the training method.

If you wish to brand yourself Living Yolates teacher it is important that you are an associate, and a member of the LY Tribe - Association.

The membership costs 25$ a month and includes

· Membership in the Full Circle Club 

o Weekly Meditations

o Monthly online workshop ( Inspirational talk, self development and personal support)

o Bank of Training Videos, including Dancing Yolates, Living Yolates, Restorative Yolates, Mommy & Me Yolates, Guided Savasana, and more

o Mental Exercises 

o Discounts on selected retreats and workshops 

· Plus, Exclusive access to Association, LY Tribe Events: 

o Monthly 3 hours Workshops in Copenhagen ( membership price 150 kr.) This will be during the periods I am in Denmark.

o 2 x 1 full-day trainings each year ( membership price 250 kr. for 1 full-day)

o Living Yolates Tribe, LiveCall ( A personal space for us to connect in the tribe, this is where I can support you in person ) 

o Plus, the existing Association Content: 

o Educational video content

o The newest version of the LY Manual available to print.

Buy your LY Association membership HERE

LY Tribe workshops in 2019/2020:

The next 3 hours workshop:

September the 24th at 18.00-21.00

November the 26th at 18.00-21.00

January the 3rd at 18.00-21.00

February the 25th at 18.00-21.00

April the 28th at 18.00-21.00

Maj the 26th at 18.00-21.00

June the 16th 18.00-21.00

The next full day workshop:

October the 20th at 08.00-15.00

March the 22nd at 08.00-15.00

I look so much forward to se you in the studio in Copenhagen, remember to book your spot, send a mail to