2–29 MARCH 2020

Get the best of yoga, pilates, dance, meditation and energy work in one holistic training method.

This education is for you who wish to go on a deep journey with Living Yolates, self-development and nourishing energy work. One month in unspoiled nature with no disturbance, really allows you to connect to the essence of you and deep transformation. Can you see yourself doing your Living Yolates morning practice and dive deep into all of the elements of the training method in the Sacred Valley in Peru. This location is a hidden gem with untouched beauty, supported by the power of the mountains, crystal clear air and high frequency of healing energy.


  • Spend one month in unspoiled nature in the sacred Valley in Peru

  • Get a break from your daily life and open up for a new beginning

  • Become physical strong and flexible from the inside out

  • Learn how to listen to the messages inside your body

  • Listen to your heart and intuition

  • Get more compassion for yourself, self-love and become your own best friend

  • Release stress, old blocked energy and fear

  • Open up to your spirituality

  • Take responsibility for your own health and happiness

  • Wants to help others to feel more balance and joy in life

  • Become strong in teaching from heart to heart

  • Step into the light and create the life of your dreams

    The training aims to develop a deeper connection to your true self, a higher awareness of life, in depth self-inquiry and an understanding of the mental, spiritual and physical process of embodiment. This education is perfect as an immersion for self-inquiry or further education to any previous education in pilates, yoga, dance or alternative therapies.

Apply for a free admission interview with Mikkala, and together you will find out if this education is the perfect match for you!